We are energetic, spirit filled group of people with a vision and passion for Christ and his mission. We believe Jesus Christ is the only solution to life‘s problems. His sacrifice on the cross made us righteous before God and only through him, we inherit eternal life and his Kingdom where the bondage of Sin, Sicknesses and Addictions are broken and set free to fulfil his purpose in lives.

We also believe God has a plan and a purpose for everyone and He has put seeds in forms of gifts/abilities in each and every individual’s life, providing with the right input and the right environment they have the potential to make a great impact on earth.

We, Vision Life Centre, is a church dedicated with a vision and a heart not only to fulfil God’s plan and mission on earth, but also to develop and empower people to fulfil God’s purpose in their lives by harnessing their God given gifts and nurturing them to use them in God’s way.

We operate as a part of the Global Vision of Victory Family Centre, Singapore that planted thousands of churches in 93 countries.